Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sincerely Yours Craft Show - Edinburgh

Hello Bloggers/Friends!!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, as I had a terrific time today catching up with friends & colleagues at the Sincerely Yours Craft Show at Ingleston in Edinburgh!  My friend Jane drove us through & we had a fab time chatting with everyone, catching up with all the news and have a great time browsing & buying a few bits & much needed bobs......tee hee.  So I thought I'd share my new stash with you.  As I'm going on holiday in a few weeks time I vowed I wouldn't spend too much but things  just kept falling into my basket & you know what it's like when you really NEED things.........what's a girl to do???

I'm off to bed now folks as it's 1-10am here in Scotland and I'm just a wee tad tired!!
Have a fab weekend, I'm hoping to be back tomorrow as I need to play with my new goodies, can't wait to try out the pan pastels!!!  Take care all, have a fab Sunday & as always........

Happy Crafting!

Ann xx


  1. Yay, glad you had a fab time, I know just what you mean about things leaping off the shelves to be bought lol I spy some pan pastels... your gonna love um, there FAB x

  2. Thanks Minxy - have seen so many projects done with them & they blend so lovely I just had to have them.....would love to have bought more, but couldn't afford them....stunning colours :D.
    Thanks for dropping in, Big Hugs xxx

  3. Missed the show as I was working, love the stash pics though, enjoy playing with your PanPastels (only trouble is you will want more lol ... be warned). Have a lovely holiday when it comes. xx

  4. Oooh looks like you have a nice little haul there ANN.

    I spyed your pan pastels too, you will absolutely love them. I have mine thanks to Nicky and Gillian!!! And yes, be warned you WILL need more - lol.

    Don't forget to pop over to the paper play forum and say hello!!!

    1. Thanks a million Sam - I will do, sorry not been around, I'm still trying to come to terms with my aunts very sudden death, it hit me very hard as there was only 11yrs between us & I thought of her as a big sister.....Thanks Sam xxx

  5. HA HA The pull of the pan pastels was to strong to resist lol your gonna love um, there so nice to work with, looks like a nice little haul, have fun playing my dear, miss ya xx


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Ann :D