Sunday, 18 March 2012

Love Tim Holtz???............

Howdy bloggers!!! I'm so very excited to share my news with you all ............what am I on about???
I'm taking part in my first ever online craft class, which is being taught by our lordship King TIM OF HOLTZ no less!!! How great is that? I can be taught all the wonders of distress and do it with a cuppa, in my own home in my pjs, if I so wish .......Happy Days! I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting lots of lovely new friends from around the world whilst we enjoy this Creative Journey!!

Wish me luck - I think I might need it as I've certainly got lots to learn!!
Have a lovely day & as always....Happy Crafting!

Ann xx


  1. Hi Ann. Sounds exciting. Crafting in PJs..... Now what could be better. Looking forward to following your crafty adventure.
    Regards Florence x

  2. Wow Ann lucky you, not long to wait now, I believe that the fun begins tomorrow!!!

    Sam xxx

  3. Yep I'm playing along too :) but out all day and working the evening :(
    Von x♥x

  4. Yeah - lucky you. You will have to let us know how you get on.

  5. Thanks girls - I'm really looking forward to it.........awaiting my email to give me all my details and of course the postman with new Timmy goodies I ordered in order to play along!! I promise I'll share my efforts with you all, I can't vouch for the condition of them though!!! (my efforts that is)

    Watch this space for updates ....LOL!!! xxx


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Ann :D