Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Award

I've received another award & would like to thank the following peeps for very kindly passing it onto me as it's very much appreciated!! They are as follows, & links to their blogs are in my sidebar:- Alison, Jane, Kathleen, Lorraine, Mags, Shaz & Sue - Thank you Ladies!!!
Now the rules are that you display the logo on your blog, provide links to peeps who awarded it to you & then nominate another 7 people for the award & let them know on their blog. This is just so difficult as there are so many fab & inspirational blogs out there to choose from........So here goes!!
I nominate: Patsy, Laura, Jenne, Gail, Claire & Nickie!!
1. Patsy -
2. Laura -
3. Jenne -
4. Gail -
5. Fran -
6. Claire -
7. Nickie -


  1. A fab selection of cards Ann, I'm sure your MIL will love them all!

  2. fab cards Ann, and thanks for the award!

    Hope your feeling better

  3. Great cards Ann - I especially like the Egyptian ones :)


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Ann :D