Friday, 7 March 2008

No Crafting Zone

I've not made one single craft item this whole week - shocking, isn't it??? It's not through choice but down to bad health this week as I had a few days' where I was MIA due to a nasty migraine!!!
Then Wednesday was my day to volunteer in the charity shop - which in itself would've been fine, but I had to then go to asda for a food shop & was wrecked by the time I got home!!!
Thursday involved me meeting up with my best friend who's relocated to Dublin, but was home for a few days - we had roughly 2hours of chat & an Irish coffee - scrummy & just the thing to keep the cold at bay!!! When I got home I went into a mad cleaning frenzy..........made myself too sore to talk let alone craft - LOL!!!
And today - well it's check up time at the hospital, which accounts for the cleaning frenzy - nerves are a wonderful thing to get you moving - or not??? I've been awake since 4-30am, it's now 5-30 & my appointment is 10am..............guess who's going to be wrecked, yet again!!!!
Anyway, once the dreaded hospital visit is over I'm hoping to come home & either sleep or CRAFT!!!! As Saturday I'm off to the craft fair at SECC & looking forward to meeting up with some friends, old & new from Craft Swap Forum & Crafting Corner.......and of course buying lots of lovely crafting Goodies, especially from the new Tim Holtz range....................Watch this space!!!! xxx


  1. HOPE ALL GOES WELL FOR YOU AT THE HOSPITAL (}),(sorry just hit the caps) and enjoy your craft fair tomorrow
    Big hug

  2. Have fun tomorrow Ann and spend lots of money ... don't forget how nosey I am and I will need an itemised list of what you buy :-)

  3. Big hugs to you Ann x Hope the appointment went ok and have a wonderful day today xxx

  4. Thanks Joana, Angie & Lydia xxx

    Hospital appt went very well!! Thanks. Had a fabulous day at SECC , spent lots of money & got fabby goodies & met lovely friends from CSF & CC Forums..........Most excellent!!!
    Hugs to all my lovely cyber friends x


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your feedback & look forward to your next visit!!

Ann :D